Thursday, 31 March 2011

my first experince manage my own blog

haha..fist of all rase nak gelak pown ade..tapi seriously x pham lg nk manage kn blog ni cmne..hahaha..ok..i think nobody become my fren yet..haha..actually don't know kt blog ni people said add fren or follow..ok lah..either or la ea..after ni i'll become the great blogger la kowt..(ceyh,berangan je la jea ni..)hahaha..bru je create pown bcoz miradil yg ajak..join je r..wat gak tweeter tp tweeter pown x pham..miradil ckp 'i'ts ok,explore skt2..then you'll have fun',,,hahaha,,ye k??juz see what happened next rse fun gak tulis2 ni..miradil said,blog ni like your on9 yg x saba ni..bcoz diary,when we write on it we'll have so many great angry,sad,and excited..but when we read it back kte akn rase's my true experince ble bace blek diary saye tulis tyme darjah 4..rase kelaka sangat..haha..ok da terpesong ckit je..but it's okay i'll learn to manage this blog from day to day..maybe nk soh someone yg expert bout this blog tlong ajarkan la..hahaha..ok,tata..see you next time..:)
                p/s:haha..jgn la glak when you read this writing for your first time kay..kih3